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An Inspiring Kung Fu Story from a
Martial Arts School in China

There’s never a typical kung fu student and that’s something the best martial arts school in China prides itself in. One former student who once weighed 200 lbs. came to China to learn Shaolin Kung Fu. She also wanted to lose weight. In the end, she turned out to be a totally different lady who looks beautiful and now nobody recognizes her!

Elena is from the south of London. She is 25 years old. Her father was very troubled by her unhealthy eating habits, such as too much Coca-Cola and potato chips, and thought she would never want to lose weight.

Elena picked up some pictures of herself one day and saw what she looked like before. She was shocked. The person in the mirror looked unrecognizable to her, so she decided to turn around the unhealthy way of life she had been leading! Her father, Justin, suggested that she should go to a clinic in London to use dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry to pinpoint the fat area inside the body. She eventually lost dozens of pounds of fat after some weight loss treatments.

"But I'm not satisfied. I think the progress is too slow," she said to herself. One day, when she was watching a Bruce Lee film, she thought Shaolin Kung Fu looked great. Plus, she could start to exercise her body’s muscles. So, having committed to this plan, she would travel to a Chinese martial arts school. She chose the Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu School, in Yantai City of the Shandong Province, to learn martial arts. She spent 4.5 hours on training daily, and lost over one third of fat in less than one year; great progress has been made through Shaolin Kung Fu!

She is now living in the mountains near our martial arts school in China. She eats a lot of protein, fruit and vegetables every day and lives a healthy and happy life. She studies and practices with her masters every day. She has become healthier and stronger -- both mentally and physically.

Elena recently said, "In order to lose weight, I started to learn Chinese Kung Fu and this was always my dream from childhood. I have finally realized that Chinese Kung Fu makes me a better human being!"

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